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Day Trading Stock Tip - Online Trading Daily Self Suggestions Part 4


Here is Part 4 of this article which offers you ten more suggestions for personal trading psychology statements:

31) Listen to my "inner voice" if it is shouting at me!
32) Increased trading activity does not necessarily correlate with increased results
33) I enjoy the process of self-analysis and learning about the mind
34) Confidence equals expecting a positive result

35) Think in probabilities, yet act with certainty -- this breeds confidence
36) I can act and react automatically when it is time to enter and exit trades
37) My compelling motivation to trade is to excel at a fun game and be rewarded for it
38) I will stay focused during the first pullback of a trend trade and stay with the trade unless it reaches my stop point
39) When I relinquish the "need" for control, I will relax and trade more efficiently
40) Because I am human I have "natural psychological biases" for control and certainty, and neither is offered in trading. Therefore my discipline is that I will take the trade (assuming it meets my tested rules for entry) even though my natural psychological biases tempt me to not take the trade. Having this discipline bypasses the "need" for control and certainty, and this will develop consistency and confidence.

Hopefully some of these suggestions made a favorable impression with you. Again, feel free to use or modify any of them to meet your specific situation.



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