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Day Trading Stock Tip - Online Trading Daily Self Suggestions Part 2


Here is Part 2 of this article which offers you ten more suggestions for personal trading psychology statements:

11) If my stop is reached, get out of the trade and "reset" for the next trade
12) If I get stopped out, and it is within my rules to do so, take another trade in the same symbol if it has a good setup
13) Adhere to strict discipline with a sound strategy
14) Periodically review how much I have improved in my trading to increase my confidence

15) Trade smaller share/contract sizes in order to overcome any fear of not being able to take the trade
16) Get out of the trade when the symbol's movement tells me
17) Cherry-pick the best trades for my style
18) If I notice any emotional problems, acknowledge them and then do something constructive about them!
19) Take a breather from the trading desk periodically, even if I have to go outside for a walk
20) I am not "doing battle" so I can relax and trade consistentlyDay Trading Stock Tip - Online Trading Daily Self Suggestions Part 2

For more suggestions of statements you can use, go to Part 3 of this article.



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